“True Health Lies Within”

As part of today’s Writer’s Challenge I would like to write about a quote from Dr. Christiane Northrup’s website.   “True Health Lies Within”, Dr. Christiane Northrup   I really enjoyed Dr. Northrups comments in the “Hungry for Change” video that was posted for free on the Food Matters website.  This is a fabulous video […]

I’m Going Green~ Literally!

Today I embarked on a new journey~going green! We already live a eco-conscious lifestyle, so what I mean is introducing Green Smoothies into our daily eating habits.  Now, I would love to eat a raw food/living foods diet, which is my ultimate goal, however I am starting small with green smoothies. This morning my excitement […]

How Will Your Children ‘turn out’?

I was intrigued by another blog this morning, and it got me thinking about parenting and how our efforts – or lack of effort- directly impacts how our children “turn out”. Often I hear myself and other parents stating that we hope and pray our children will “turn out” okay, but at times we forget […]