Can children go green too?

I can’t believe this is only  my 2nd week of living and eating green!  I feel fabulous and have noticed changes in my energy and health, almost immediately.  My green smoothie’s have very quickly emerged into eating raw foods most of the time.  I didn’t realize how much of my diet, and of the children’s diet that we were already eating raw.  My oldest who is now 9 years old, almost always tries the green smoothies that I make and she will drink most of them. I have learned quickly that a proper kitchen blender is a necessity if this is going to be a long-term success in our home.  The kale leaves just don’t get smooth enough with our regular blender, so I am starting a ‘vitamix’ fund, so I can save up for one! LOL  I’ve been able to blend spinach and arugula successfully, so I will stick to those until a Vitamix is in my reach.

The children have really enjoyed a lot of great food lately: goji berries, chia seeds, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds and other handy snacks.  I now leave these on the table in a bowl all day for them to go snack on.  This is helpful for my oldest who usually prepares her own lunches and snacks, while the younger ones I can add the seeds and nuts too a snack I prepare for them. 

I think it is the same rule of thumb for children as it is for adults trying out something new. Go slow and take baby steps toward better health.  I have one child who loves goji berries and one not so much, but loves sunflower seeds.  I also can put Chia Seeds in anything and they don’t even know!

My children hear the blender and want to know what I am making and are eager to taste it. I don’t push a large quantity on them but give them ‘sips’ to try.  I think just the exposure will help them to be brave to step out of their own ‘box’ of comfort.  It is also in the presentation of the food – whether it is a drink or a meal.

I have noticed a certain clarity in my own thinking and even more energy.  I also thought I would be hungry and would ‘crave’ warm food this past week.  I actually noticed when I had my first ‘cooked’ meal, that I didn’t quite want to eat it all.  I also noticed that when I had 2 or more meals in a week that were cooked/heated, my energy and mood changed.  I will be able to understand this more as I continue, or if it is related to other things like the weather, or me staying up too late! LOL

My children were also very energetic and had more ‘even’ moods throughout the day as well.


Here are some of my favourite photos of the past week.

Enjoying a Snack

Green smoothie!




Savoury Soup! Was very delicious~ there is homemade salsa under the cilantro on the garnish, which balanced out all the flavours. I’ve never had ‘cold’ soup before, and I ate the whole bowl, and even my meat-eating husband enjoyed a small bowl. I will definately be looking into more soup recipes.



Lentil Burgers with Homemade Tomato Ketchup~ Not Raw but awesome! My kids loved these and thought they were ‘real’ hamburgers. My pickiest eater gobbled down almost a whole patty and my oldest did too. My youngest will eat anything, and he did not like this…I think he knew it wasn’t meatSmile  The homemade tomato ketchup I improvised on a few of the ingredients and put way too much cayenne pepper in it, so it was VERY spicy, but it was still very good.





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    Yeah Sarah – you are well on your way! Taking steps towards optimum health is empowering, especially when little ones are watching everything we do.


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