Dear Raw Food Diary:

I am taking part in a 30 day writing challenge hosted by WEGO health.  Each day this month, I will be writing a post a day (well trying to) for all 30 days. I hope you’ll join me in this journey and reading about my posts about health. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’d love to see what you have to say about each of the topics, too.  Feel free to comment here, or join in the discussion on my Facebook Page.

This post is a diary post of how things have been going on my Raw Food Journey that I started March 15, 2012. You can read that first blog post over here.


Dear Raw Food Diary:

I cannot believe how much energy I have. That is the most prominent side effect for me so far.  Initially, I did not notice much of a difference, but I really notice it now and as I get further into this raw eating thing.  And it’s not because I am doing less or anything silly that could be confused with giving me more energy.  Here is a list of energy related signs I have noticed:

  • I no longer fall asleep with my children when I put them to bed at 7:30 p.m.;
  • I am not getting cranky in the afternoon;
  • I no longer feel that 3:00 p.m. sluggishness that I always did feel, no matter how healthy I was eating before (and I did eat very  healthy compared to some people);
  • my yoga practice has gotten so much better and I feel strong and capable in yoga poses; (actually I have a yoga practice now!)
  • my head feels clear – like I am on some kind of drugs~ but I am NOT, I promise!!;

This is just a short list that describes how my energy has been affected since starting this journey.

I aim to eat 2 meals a day without cooking, and yes this does come with its challenges.  I am committed to making this work though, but I will write down my challenges so that I may get rid of them in my head, and not allow them to invade precious brain power that can be used for more useful things.


  • Breakfast – so far my indulgence is a whole wheat tortilla (store bought) smeared with store bought almond butter and apples and chia seeds.  I love this breakfast with a green smoothie. I am debating changing it in the longer term, but for now the green smoothie balances out the whole wheat tortilla.  Until I get a dehydrator it is good enough for me;
  • Weekends – my husband is home on the weekends and I have to feed him ‘man’ food.  Well, I don’t have to, but I have to “consult” with him, and sometimes I don’t want to;
  • Nasty side-effects: I’ve always had unclear skin with blemishes, but since March 15th I’ve had acne like a highschooler! I know it could take up to 30 –60 days for toxins to be removed via my skin, so I am being patient, wearing make-up and trying to suck it up! It’s a good lesson for me to share with my pre-teen too;
  • Kitchen items – so I am not about to go out and put myself in debt so I can be a Raw Food junkie.  I am taking it slow and doing what I can with the tools I have.  It is funny how the universe does send our way what we need at a specific moment in time though. I did receive a brand new spiralizer this week! I quickly went home and made my first Raw Zucchini pasta for supper.  I also have shared access to a dehydrator that I am very excited to use and help out some friends become more familiar with raw food eating as well;
  • Travelling – I have not yet travelled or eaten out anywhere….yet.  I will get there though, I know I will

So, all in all I feel great about my journey so far, even with a few challenges. I know that my hard work will benefit my health and my family, and maybe somewhere this is a Raw Food Fairy who will gift me with a Vitamix blender so I don’t have to pick greens out of my teeth.

Yours in good health,



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