Food Revolution starts at home

I’ve recently been watching some shows of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution just out of curiosity.  Now, I am somewhat of a food nazi, if you asked my husband he would agree.  There have been ‘discussions’ we’ve had about what the children should and should not be eating.  Although I may be the food nazi in our house, my children have eaten refined sugar and other sweets, but to be honest if I wasn’t so sleep deprived I probably would lose sleep over it!

I need to arm myself with information to get my point across to my husband, so here I am watching old videos of Jamie Oliver.  I came across this one, and its my favourite!  It’s about 20 minutes, but take the time, get a cup of tea and enjoy this presentation that sums up my basic philosophy around teaching children to eat healthy.  Jamie Oliver is my food nazi buddy!  Leave a comment about your thoughts on this video.
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