Green Smoothie “Kid Style”

One thing I must say that is not easy about living a green, RAW lifestyle is that sometimes my kids don’t always want to co-operate and try my awesome meals and ideas I have.  Yes, they are kids too!  Normal kids that want to eat junk food, indulge in sugary processed snacks and yes load up on carbs in the morning.  This could potentially be the nightmare of a mom-gone-raw~ but I try to remain positive and find ways to keep them engaged and interested in fruits, veggies and raw foods. One way I do this is by stating in the morning what I am having for breakfast. It usually goes something like this:

“I”m going to make the most awesome Green Monster smoothie that I’ll have so much energy we’ll have to do 20 pushups in a row!! Who wants some?!!!!”


“I haven’t had a green smoothie for breakfast lately, which one shall I make today?”

My middle son is the most interested in green smoothies in the household and will often pipe in that he wants one.  This recipe was his creation, and it was delicious!  Use as much ginger as you think your kids will like, or leave it out if they haven’t tried it in small quantities yet.

598816_10151050867706743_1030533423_nRecipe: (Serves 1 adult and 1 child)

1 ripe pear

1 ripe banana

1.5 – 2 cups of spinach (start slow with spinach with your kids)

1 Medjool Date for sweetness (if you don’t have dates use honey or maple syrup)

1 piece of fresh ginger to your liking

1 cup of frozen blueberries

Ice if you are using fresh blueberries

1-2 cups of cooled Chaga Tea (or water will do)

Additional Superfoods if you have them: 1 tsp camu camu powder, 1/2 tsp Maca Root Powder

Blend on high until well blended.



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