Health Equation = Wellness

day 26


Today’s writing challenge is to write a tagline about health.  I’ve been thinking about this all day, and it is challenging for sure.  I have decided to write a tagline about general health.  Since I started this journey of healthier eating and eating live foods or raw foods, I have had some very insightful discussions with many people in my life.

“Good health is achieved with not only what you put into your body, but it is also what you take out”

That is my tagline for this health journey that I have been on.  You can read more of my posts related to this journey by clicking here.

This tagline summarizes so much about health and nutrition.  It doesn’t matter what type of ‘diet’ you follow, but if you become more aware of both these attributes to health, you will reach wellness.  Health, nutrition and wellness is achieved once you can take these 2 attributes and embrace them into your lifestyle.

So, let’s take the first attribute of what you are putting into your body?  You can examine your eating habits, skin care products you are using, cleaners you are using in your home and breathing in, the water you are drinking, vaccinations or medications you are using.  All of these affect your health.  Along with that, is also examining the food you are eating and looking at how much fruits and vegetables you are eating, what type of meal plan you follow, and everything you are eating to physically nourish your body.

Secondly, examine what is coming out of your body and diet.  What foods and toxins can you eliminate to improve your health?  What are your voiding habits (urine and bowel) like?  How often are you going to the bathroom? How do you feel afterward?  How do you feel after you eat certain foods, or drink something?  These are all factors you can heighten your awareness with in order to achieve better health.  If you feel there is something that is lacking, then take a small baby step toward improved health. 

They key is this…each time you put something into your body to improve your health….take something out that is not improving your health.  For example, if you decide to start drinking a green smoothie, or green juice, then maybe remove the diet cola you are drinking at lunch.  If you decide you need to take out wheat from your diet, then replace that with a healthier grain like quinoa.

This tagline is easy to remember and is the equation that will get you to reach your health goals~ it’s helped me along the way!  Enjoy the journey!


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