How to Celebrate International Raw Food Day

Here are a few tips for you to celebrate International Raw Food Day where you live.  If there is nothing local happening, you can always host something yourself, or participate in your own way.

1.  Start your morning off with a green juice or green smoothie;

2.  Commit to eating raw foods for 1/2 the day or one meal;

tropical fruit world

3.  Set a goal for yourself.  It’s important when making health changes to set a goal and keep it in mind so that you can plan accordingly and prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually;

4.  Integrate exercise that you would not normally do, whether it is a walk, jog, hike, bike or rebounding.  Do something that is different and adds to our day;

5.  Talk about with your partner and children.  Have them decide if they would like to participate with you, and set goals together;

6.  Watch some inspiring videos, read a book or magazine article on health;

7.  Try a new piece of fruit or a new vegetable at your local grocery store;

8.  Visit a local farmer’s market, and a local farm;

9.  Drink more water;

10.  Whatever change you decide to make, challenge yourself to do it again tomorrow!


Those who say something cannot be done, should not get in the way of those who are already doing it, (Translation of Chinese proverb)



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