How To Survive Through Diet Change

Since I started this change in our diet to include more greens and more living/raw foods, it has taken its toll on our homeschool and household routine.  Just like anytime in our lives where change happens, it is expected that homeschooling will be different in our house.  As I am continuously learning new recipes and taking the time to prepare these snacks and meals for my family, an adjustment is needed in our regular routine.  So what are the things that have helped me keep my sanity through this time of change, and not just give up?  Well, here are a few tips that can help you make the shift to eating healthier, whether you homeschool, or work out of the home.

1.  Talk about it with the family:  Everyone may be wondering why the heck their lunch looks way different than usual, and let’s face it, some of us have kids that would eat peanut butter sandwiches at every meal if we allowed them to!  Children need to be a part of this change as much as possible, no matter the age.  So if eating more green food on the plate or trying a new smoothie every day is going to be one of your goals, talk about it with your children (and your husband!).  It is equally important to have your partner/spouse understand why you are doing this, so that he doesn’t turn up his nose when he hears the blender or juicer going.  You can even come up with roles for your children: the mixer, the blender, the juicer, the taste tester, the recorder, etc.  Children love having a job or responsibility within the family and this is an excellent way to integrate them into healthy change.

2.  Set Goals:  Your goals my indicate baby step changes, or maybe your family will want to take larger steps in making the change.  You may also want to have your own set of goals for yourself, and then 1 or 2 goals for your children.  For example,  I developed goals for myself and ideas for the children that were longer term.  One of those goals was that eventually I would not purchase packaged cereals.  Although my children were eating healthy cereal, one of my children in particular would ask to eat 2 or 3 small bowls of cereal every morning.

3.  Practice Mindful Grocery Shopping:  I am the most guilty parent for not every shopping with a list.  Since I started eating raw, I use a list now.  That is more because I am training myself and learning what are the ‘staples’ to have stocked in my fridge.  You can read more about that in another post I am generating!  do you shop with a list?  No matter what type of change you want to make, it is going to take some planning, so while looking at recipes on my blog or others, have a pad of paper and pen handy and start making your list.  While perusing the aisles, be mindful of what you are doing.  Don’t just go an auto-pilot through the grocery store, but really be mindful of the what you are getting and WHY  you are purchasing.  Before picking up an item, ask yourself: “Am I getting this out of habit, or is it contributing to the health of my family?”

4.  Practice an ANTI-Dogmatic approach:  Any online search of ‘raw food lifestyle’ and you will get some pretty hard core raw foodists.  That is fantastic for some people…that is just not my style.  However, there may be times my family disagrees with that statement!  But anyway, embrace the fact that everyone is human, is not many people can just change overnight.  There is nothing wrong with falling off the RAW wagon, or if you eat a cooked meal every now and again.  This is why step #2 is so important, it will help you stay on track and not be too militant with yourself or your family.

5.  Pick a Mantra:  A mantra can help you through cravings or times where you feel discouraged.  This of Dory in Nemo, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.  A mantra can help you stay focussed, and even if you do get lost or succumb to a craving, at least you can have fun with your mantra!

6. Let your Children play:  If you homeschool, of if its a weekend, or supper hour and you are busy trying a new recipe, let the kids play!  Over the past few months my children have created some cool art projects, read lots of books and built some pretty cool architectural buildings.  It’s healthy for your children to see you passionate about something, and not afraid of trying new things.  It gives them encouragement just seeing you make changes.

7.  Be Flexible:  This goes along with #4 as well about not being dogmatic about your changes.  Also, be willing to change your goals along the way for yourself and for your children.  This will ultimately keep the enjoyment and will offer you and your family the greatest success!

8.  Surround Yourself with Good Energy:  This is a big one.  As you start eating healthy and detoxifying your body, you want your relationships to be healthy as well, and not toxic.  Your friendships and the way you spend your extra time and energy should be directed towards people and activities that build your health.

9.  Believe in yourself:  You may not be a gourmet chef, or be rich to afford fancy kitchen gadgets, but that doesn’t matter.  Those things are nothing compared to the desire and determination you have within yourself.  Find that determination deep down and keep that in the forefront of your mind.

10. Find Your Inspiration:  Discover what inspires you.  I love taking pictures of what I am eating, and it continues to inspire me and to eat healthy.  Find what you like and don’t be afraid to do it.

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