Miracle Cure in 2065

Disclaimer: This post is a fictional news story about a miracle cure for common diseases.  It is by no means a statement on how to treat any health condition.  Please seek medical advice if searching for a cure for any of the ailments discussed in this fictional writing.


day 20

Today’s writing challenge is to write about a miracle cure.  Enjoy my FICTIONAL news article!


A 58 year old man from North Bay, Ontario, Canada has doctors confused as to where his symptoms have gone since he arrived in his doctor’s office 3 years ago.  George Strongbones, was first diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago.  As a young boy, George suffered from asthma, skin conditions like rosacea and eczema, allergies and for the past 15 years has also been on blood pressure medication for his elevated readings.  But, everything changed 9 months ago, when he scheduled a visit with his doctor for a check up.  The doctor could not believe the blood pressure reading had normalized, George’s skin and allergies had disappeared, and preliminary tests had shown  no cancer in his body, even though George declined traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatment 3 years ago.

According to George Strongbones his cure is something that everybody can do.  “I eat only living foods,” he says.  A living food is defined by anything that is not cooked or altered at all.  George has been travelling the world to discover natural treatments in  food for his ailments.  He says, “the first symptoms to disappear were my skin conditions, then slowly my asthma also disappeared. I have been recording my blood pressure for 1 year and slowly decreasing my medication as my body changed. I feel great!”  The biggest surprise to most people was that his cancer had simply disappeared.  Dr. Pharma of North Bay commented, “we have never seen somebody cure themselves just by changing what they eat.  It truly can be seen as a miracle cure”. 

George Strongbones is not the only patient to have tried to cure different ailments with food.  In many places around the world you will find testimonials like this one, but it comes down to how much are you willing to change if it can change your life?  George says, “I didn’t want to die not trying everything.  If cancer was going to kill me, I wanted to know that it was going to have fight me in order to kill me.  I wasn’t sure about it at first, but after a lot of research and exploring new recipes, within 3 years I have been able to completely change my life.  I am so happy I decided to make this change, and everyone can do it!  You don’t have to travel the world to do it, you can survive off the local food in your own country to treat disease.”

We asked Dr. Pharma what he thought about this and he declined to comment.

We asked George how easy it would be for anybody to make this change.  He replied, “the standard diet that people are eating in this year of 2065 is killing us.  Our expected lifespan of my grandchildren is only 60 years.  Something has to change.  Instead of putting money in the pockets of companies that are creating food that is dead, put your money into the pockets of local farmers, or grow your own fruits and vegetables.  It will save your life!  It saved mine.”


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