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Today’s prompt was to include post a few photos from my Pinterest Board on Healthy Living. If you haven’t seen my profile, yet, you can view it here.

Here are a few images from my Board of Healthy Living.

pintrest green juice

This photo just makes me want to make a green juice.  There is something about the vibrant colours of green that just makes me feel so good about doing something good for myself and my body.  I used to be afraid of anything green – especially if I had to drink it!  But now, its photos like these that are so inspiring.

down dog with child

This 2nd photo is just a reminder for me that, no matter the obstacles we may have in doing something healthy for ourselves, we need to embrace it.  Whether it is children, leaving the house or some other excuse we can use to talk ourselves out of doing something healthy.  This photo is exactly the reason why I do thinks to improve my health.  It teaches my children so much about taking care of myself so that I may care for them, but it also teaches them to be healthy and make time for exercise and health.

pinterest moon yoga

This last photo is just sheer beauty in my mind.  It captures the importance of Grandmother Moon in my culture and spiritual beliefs.  As well, it also shows such beauty, strength, courage and health in this yoga pose within the moonlight.


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