Raw Living Foods ~ an Update with Photos


As part of today’s writing challenge we were allowed to write about whatever we wanted!  So I thought I would give everyone an update on my eating raw/living foods and green smoothie journey.  I started out at first wanting to just add a green smoothie to my day, but it quickly turned into more than that.  You can read about my first post on this journey here.  As I reflect on how far we have come from this post back in March, I am shocked it’s been 53 days already!  I must say that the children now drink a green smoothie almost everyday.  Some days were a busy in and out of the house so much, that if we don’t do it first thing in the morning its hard to squeeze it into the day.  Today’s favourite made by my 9 year old daughter was:

3/4 cup of spinach;

1 1/2 bananas;

1 cup raspberries

Almond milk to the thickness they want;

1 tbs each of Chia Seeds and Hemp Seeds.

This made about 28 oz. of smoothie and they shared it among the 3 of them.  I will add more spinach as time goes on.

As for me….I am eating raw most of the time about 85-90% of the time.  I do eat cooked fish maybe 3 times per week with a salad.  I thought I would miss having my quinoa ‘oatmeal’ for breakfast, but all the stories about how great you feel when you eat this way are SO true!  You can read more about some of the benefits I have experienced in this post here.  I am definately eating chocolate or cacao which I never did  before raw foods, but I haven’t noticed a negative effect yet.  It’s so nice to be able to enjoy chocolate recipes with my children, and know that they are healthier alternatives for us.

Here are some photos of some of my favourite dishes over the past few weeks.

Carrot Salad~ 4 carrots shredded, apples, raisins, walnuts and parsley with orange juices squeezed on. This was awesome and a nice change from lettuce.



Zucchini with Marinara~ thanks to my good friends that gave me a spiralizer I rushed home and made this for supper one night.  I love this as a meal; lunch or supper!



Endive Boats with Tomato Salsa~ this endive was really bitter for my taste buds.  I tried this on about Day 15 of transitioning.  This was at our dinner table so there were some other boats on there for the children to try.  They all tasted them.  The crackers in the middle were not raw.  The next day I added the salsa to Romaine lettuce instead, and it was a great lunch!



Children’s Dish~ this was a child’s version of a raw meal I made for supper.  This was lettuce, quinoa, blackberries, salmon and yoghurt dipping sauce.



My Breakfast~ green juice with Chia pudding and fruit.  My daughter has learned to make the pudding herself so I can make my juice while she makes the pudding for both of us to share.  It is absolutely divine!



Chocolate Cake~ this was the first chocolate cake I have EVER made, and its RAW!!  This was our lunch dessert one week-end afternoon with the family and all their friends. It was a huge hit!  I also made a chocolate sauce that was thick like an icing to use as a dip with the fruit or to go on top of the cake.





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