“True Health Lies Within”

HAWMC_2012_badge_thumb As part of today’s Writer’s Challenge I would like to write about a quote from Dr. Christiane Northrup’s website.


“True Health Lies Within”, Dr. Christiane Northrup


I really enjoyed Dr. Northrups comments in the “Hungry for Change” video that was posted for free on the Food Matters website.  This is a fabulous video if you ever get a chance to watch it.  I had many favourite quotes in this video however the one that stands strong in my mind is one that Dr. Christiane Northrup said related to sugar.  She said that as parents we need to be as concerned with the amount of sugar we are giving or allowing our children to consume.  The health risks and effects white sugar has on the body are so awful that we may as well be giving children a needle so they can inject it into their bloodstream.

Now…this is a metaphor.  Dr. Northrup is simply stating that if children are consuming so much sugar, they may as well be injecting it like a drug, because that is the effect it has on the body.  We don’t hesitate to slap warning labels on cigarette packs, or have laws against other habits that affect the long term health of an individual, and sugar is right up there with contributing to obesity and diabetes which are both risk factors for heart disease.  Dr. Northrup has been counselling women on the underlying effects of sugar for over 20 years and has determined that Americans consume approximately 46 teaspoons of sugar daily.  You can also review my post about a Food Revolution Starts at Home in my blog post about Jamie Oliver’s Ted talk.


True health really does lie within each of us, and especially our children.  They know what their bodies require, but they are also heavily influenced by peers, television commercials, advertisements and bright colourful packaging at their eye level in the supermarket check-out.  We are our children’s guide in helping them find their true health within them.  In order to do that, as parents, we also need to be aware of our own true health within ourselves.  It is the self-talk in our minds that may be on a repeat cycle, but it does lie within us to know where to go in being healthy.

So please share what your thoughts on this quote. What does it mean to you?



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