Here’s what Sarah’s clients are saying:

After 6 months on my own personal weight loss journey I was still at a novice level. There was just so much to learn about eating right, being mindful, and reading labels.  I stumbled across Sarah’s article on “Agave Nectar”. I read her article and noticed she was from North Bay. Curious about this “Sarah Blackwell” girl…I started reading about her services.  The universe lined everything up for me that day, because I was meant to meet Sarah Blackwell.  She has taught me so many things on my journey to wellness that I don’t even know where to begin.  I hit a plateau with my weight loss! I wanted to find ways to get my family on board with healthy eating! I wanted to simplify things in the kitchen!  Sarah was easy to talk to. She never judged me when I was unsure of myself. She was a great listener… even when I rambled.  She accommodated me and changed things up in my program to meet my needs. We had fun, great laughs and I will forever be grateful for all the advice she has given me, on a spiritual and personal level. Even though I have completed my sessions with Sarah I still look forward to attending workshops, raw food classes and of course her healthy dessert classes!  Sarah Blackwell is an inspiration to me!…and it was so nice to have her be a part of my wellness journey.  – – Jennifer Cambray, North Bay Resident & Business Owner

Sarah has also worked with couples who are making a combined effort to change their diet and lifestyle.

“When I first started working with Sarah I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed to make a BIG change.  I had tried to do my own research about nutrition and wellness – I had taken courses, read articles online, participated in seminars – but nothing was sticking.   I kept falling back into my old (bad) habits.  I knew it was time to make an investment in my health.  I met Sarah at a charity event.  I had no idea the impact she would have on my life.   Sarah has an amazing way of teaching and mentoring.  She has taught us so much about nutrition and overall health.  We drink green smoothies everyday and have eliminated most processed foods.  We read labels – not calorie counting – but to learn what is actually in the food we used to buy.  I have never felt healthier”  ~ 32 year old female, North Bay, ON

“When I first started working with Sarah I was experiencing great difficulty in eating Healthy.  I would constantly be eating pre packaged processed food while maintaining a high activity level and show no signs of weight loss or general health improvement.  I was looking for someone who could hold me accountable, support me, mentor me and of course give me the knowledge and tools to help maintain healthy eating habits.  Sarah is so easy to talk to, she doesn’t judge or come down on you when you slip up, she just helps to get you back on track.  She provides you with tons of information regarding what you normally eat and has tons of healthy (and delicious!) alternatives to your favorite foods.  By the end of working with Sarah I have made healthy living part of my daily routine.  I would highly recommend working with Sarah, she has such an amazing positive approach.  It’s been truly life changing!” ~ 32 year old male North Bay, ON

Here’s what others are saying about Sarah’s Smoothies and Recipes

“I want to change the way my current health is right now. I know that the nutrients in these smoothies will help with me getting to my goals in the future. I would not have been able to do this without Sarah.  I honestly thought that they would taste like grass and have an unappealing taste to them.  It has changed my energy levels along with my attitude. I feel more alert and more confident.”  ~Kyle Selle, Business Owner

“So, what is nice is that the kids enjoyed this one much more than compared to a smoothie I typically make. Normally I add sometimes ginger or cilantro – and they don’t like those strong flavors as much. It’s the best way I can describe it. They preferred this one because it tasted more fruity and creamy.  I have to say, I myself, enjoyed it as well. If I had any constructive feedback, I would certainly contribute however I found it was a nice balance. Adding the ice kept it from being “too creamy” in my books. It is a recipe I will definitely use again.”  ~ Krystal, Mother of 5 and Business Owner