Jicama Salad


If you haven’t tried Jicama yet, you have to get one!  It is one of my favourite raw foods and they are VERY hard to come by in Northern Ontario.  In fact, you will find me buying more than 1 when they are in stock at our local grocery store and almost every cashier has to ask me what it is so she can punch in the proper code!  You can find it near the root vegetables usually and it looks similar to a turnip or celery root with rough skin that peels off in layers, to reveal this beautiful white flesh that is crunchy and takes on any flavour you partner it up with.  Simply RAW and AWESOME!

This is my version of Kristina from Rawfully Organic – Jicama Orange Spice Salad.  My husband even loved this one!  My oldest isn’t a fan of too much cilantro, so she didn’t quite like the dressing, since I put a lot of cilantro in it, but didn’t put a lot of cayenne.  I have noticed since going raw, I cannot tolerate spicy food at all – and even the tiniest bit of spice has me gasping for air and reaching for water!

This was awesome, thanks Kristina!


On a bed of spinach and Swiss chard I placed shredded Jicama.

Make dressing in your food processor:

5-6 oranges

handful cilantro

1 lemon

1 red pepper

small piece of purple onion

pinch of cayenne pepper or a lot! or a piece of jalapeno pepper would be good too!

This made a LOT of dressing, so I used it as a salsa the next day for lunch, and then made a salad again for supper the next night with it! The dressing was delicious on its own and can be eaten by the spoonful like a soup!


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