Juicing Parsnips to beat Cancer and heal

Purse Lip Juice RecipeparsnipsIf you’ve read my book Raw Rookie Roadmap, you are no stranger to the fact I had a diagnosis of cancer.  Back then, I wasn’t eating parsnips or juicing them either.  I never even knew what a parsnip was!

Since then I have experimented with Raw Parsnip Rice and of course juicing them!  Check out the Recipe Box!

I absolutely love the flavour of parsnips.  If you are looking for a cooked recipe check out this Shredded Parsnip with Walnuts recipe by Driftless Organics.

Here are some cool facts about parsnips to help you decide to start eating this powerhouse of a vegetable.

  1. Parsnips belong to the plant family “umbelliferae” that contain phytonutrients which science has shown block the spread of cancer cells.  I’m all for kicking cancer out of my body!
  2. Foods in this plant family also have been shown to fight against cancer by inhibiting tumor growth;
  3. You can eat them raw or cooked!
  4.  They are an anti-inflammatory (goodbye sore knees and wrists!) and anti-fungal (see ya Candida!);
  5.  The parsnip is comparable to that of bananas in its potassium levels

Isn’t it time you started eating or drinking parsnips?  Try out the juice recipe and post your comment below.  I’d love to hear for you!

Happy Juicing,


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