Summer Raw Salad Ideas

I have been getting really brave at trying out raw recipes all on my own.  I no longer grab a cookbook every time I go to eat now.  I guess it takes time, and as I learn to eat this new way I can see how my confidence increases and less work it is.  I must agree in the beginning it is more work, as you are learning how to cook~ or uncook I should say~ in a new way.

Here are some photos with a few of my own recipes.

Jicama Surprise

DSC_1576 On a bed of spinach and salad greens I chopped beets, jicama and carrots.  Then on top of that is apple, ginger, lemon and olive oil that I blended, so it is not a ‘runny’ dressing.  I find I did not need to add any dressing to this as it was moist enough when mixed with the greens underneath.  I also enjoyed this with a side of tahini for some added calcium.

Spicy Spring Mix Salad

DSC_1574 On a bed of spinach and salad greens I chopped, orange pepper, onion, garlic, avocado, green jalapeno pepper, cucumber and zucchini.  Then I added a bit of lemon juice and olive oil to that mixture.  I added the tomatoes and sunflower seeds on the side.  This is spicy and delicious!

Mexican Collard Wraps

DSC_1568 I love Mexican food, so here was my raw version.  A side of avocado and salsa, but the salsa is also what is wrapped inside the collard leaf.  My salsa is chopped, green jalapeno pepper, red or yellow pepper, tomatoes, garlic, lime juice and sometimes cucumber if its really spicy.  Great lunch or dinner!



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