David Wolfe comes to North Bay!

Many followers of David the “Avocado” Wolfe know that he has home soil just 20 short minutes out of the small Northern Ontario town where I live.  I always wondered when he would be arriving back on Canadian soil, and when I heard he was coming this summer I was thrilled to see him.  Even my hubby knew how excited I was for this event and that I would not miss it for anything!  He gave me two surprise tickets for my birthday early August – as you can see below they are Ticket #1 and #2! David’s presentation was beyond phenomenal. He is an exceptional speaker that engages the audience, keeps you interested and fires up your mind, body and soul!  I had so many questions, insights and affirmations listening to him speak about diet, super foods and herbalism.  David is not just a raw foodist, but an advocate for conscious living and eating.  He is true inspiration for anybody wanting to make positive changes in their life.  Through his beautiful pictures of pristine places around the world, David delivers a presentation that is engaging and full of knowledge and experience.  David reminds us to be more aware of the food we eat and the water we drink.  We need to consider the ‘quality’ of everything that enters our bodies, since your body is the house of your spirit and soul.

David Wolfe Tickets There were many references to books, herbs and ideas that David mentioned in his presentation.  Here are a few links for you to check out while on your own healing journey.

Ringing Cedars of Russia

Asparagus vs. Cancer Google Search: David recommended that we do a Google search – here are a few articles that I found related to this topic:



David spoke about Earthing/Grounding – here is a link to the Earthing Institute; a website that describes in details how this impacts your health

This was an event that I will always remember and this will have a lasting impact on my own journey into raw foods. Thank you David for sharing your knowledge, and thanks to my hubby for gifting me and a friend the tickets!

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