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As a Holistic Health Coach I see great value in reaching more people at once, as it pertains to not only individual health, but the overall health of a community and the general public. I enjoy holding group cooking classes several times per month and I also speak publicly for health events, ¬†workshops, and women’s gatherings.

Sarahsmoothiepurple1Topics Covered:

  • Women’s Health (ie. pregnancy, menopause, general preventative health);
  • First Nations Health;
  • Children’s Health (ie. preventative health, diabetes, autism, obesity, nutrient value);
  • Eating for Increased Energy; Weight Loss
  • Importance of Primary Foods in the Health Spectrum;
  • The Food & Self-Love Connection;
  • Making Veggies Fun for Kids;
  • Family Meals that taste good;
  • Basics of Green Smoothies & Juicing;
  • Disease Prevention & Nutrition (focus on heart disease, cancer, diabetes)

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