The Things We Forget

day 22

Wow, this is the last week of the Writer’s Challenge.  It has gone by so fast!  I missed yesterday’s post (21), in case you were looking for it.  It has been a pretty busy week-end around here, so I am grateful we got 2 ‘get out of free’ cards in this writing challenge.

Today’s post is a reminder about the things we forget.  If I had a sticky note this is what it would say:


Your parenting efforts today will be seen in the smiles of your grandchildren;

You are raising a husband or a wife;

Be mindful of this beautiful creation.

As parent’s we often forget that our children may be children now, and smaller than us, but someday that will be taller, wiser and have their own responsibilities.  It is so easy to get caught up in team sports, dance recitals, school, and all while working, running a home and trying to care for yourself.  This reminder helps keep the long-term vision in mind, so we know truly how important our parenting efforts really are.  I would post this where I would see it first thing upon waking every morning….which at this point would probably be on my blender or juicer! LOL


You mean I’m not 20 anymore?

day 12

I apologize if you are searching for my Day 11 post – which was yesterday and I totally forgot about it!  I went to yoga last night and came home and relaxed and forgot I didn’t write my piece. So I am skipping it and just carrying on with today’s post. 

Today’s writing challenge is a stream of consciousness writing with the first thing that we said to ourselves when we woke this morning.  Considering, I do not look at myself upon waking…ever…I just hope out of bed and head downstairs to start my day.  I don’t look at myself until well into the morning usually ~ but there are thoughts that go through my mind before I wake.  Anyway, here is today’s stream of consciousness (writing without stopping or editing).


DSC_0881This morning I looked in the mirror and thought “ I am a mother of 3 and still feel like I am in my twenties.”  I often think that motherhood freezes our brains – kind of like some freaky episode of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  I remember after I had my first daughter then 3 years later another baby and then 2  years later another baby and then last summer it hit me that I still wasn’t 26 years old anymore.  I actually aged in between all those children.  So, in the midst of all the diaper changes, obtaining a Master’s Degree, learning to breastfeed, running an online and retail business in my home, volunteering on various Boards of Directors and trying to run a house and family…I got older!  Man, when did that happen?!!  You mean to tell me that the clothes I wore when I was 26 years old are not the fashions of a now almost 36 year old woman, now closer to 40 than 30?

I think that it could be a cruel trick to play on us mother’s, this ‘brain freeze’ that happens when we are in baby-land, where one day just melds into the other because we have such a lack of sleep and only one thing on our minds—-our baby!  I honestly don’t know how many more babies I would have had, had the decision not been made for me.  It’s like you get in this routine of just having a baby, nursing him/her, nurturing, growing, loving and everything child/baby related, until one day you realize 10 years have gone by!  Well, that is how I see it anyway.  So, today when I looked in the mirror and realized I may feel like I am still twenty-something, I am not.  What I am though is a strong, independent, thirty-something woman with great kids a wonderful partner and a great life.  A life that I would never trade for anything – even if it were ten extra years.


This post is part of the Health Activist Writer’s Challenge hosted by WEGO Health.

Is your parenting journey bringing you to Budapest?


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This past Christmas I successfully avoided large chain stores to purchase items for my children. I shopped our local toy store and online stores.  I was reminded of a wonderful online etsy shop that is really local (only about 20 minutes down the highway) Beneath the Rowan Tree and specializes in handmade items that are Waldorf inspired and natural.

Lori, at Beneath the Rowan Tree is also a mother who works hard to run her business and be the best mom she can be, just like you.  I came across her blog post on her parenting journey in discovering the unexpected with her child.  You can read about her journey here.

I have one other website to share with you today as well.  This week, the Canadian Paediatric Society released its fourth edition of its status report on public policy that affects children and youth, entitled Are We Doing Enough? A status report on Canadian public policy and child and youth health

The purpose of the document is to get the public involved by advocating for change that will promote the health and safety of Canadian children and youth.  You can read the short report by clicking here, as well as read some ways you can get involved to affect societal change. Leave a comment in this post to share your ideas on what needs to change.

Happy Sunday!!